Tuesday, December 27, 2016

365 Project #369 We Shall Overcome

Grenwelge Park in Llano, TX is a pretty special place. The park is located on the Llano River adjacent to the beautiful Llano Bridge. The river cuts through solid granite as it winds through the park.  It was the site of the first and second Llano Earth Art Fest and the third one will be the second weekend in March.

The festival has become a magical blend of Earth and Art, attracting stackers from all over the US and getting inquiries from as far away as Yemen.  Home of the World Rock Stacking Championship, the event has something for everyone, from stacking to art to music to food and activities. The stacks are works of art that are shared photographically all over the world.

After the first festival, a heroic undertaking in itself, a group of people came under cover of darkness and knocked all the stacks down in an excess of religious zeal. Within days, the community and visitors were repairing what they could and building their own stacks. Also within days, plans started for the next festival. 

Since the first and second events, locals and visitors come to the park for serenity, family activities and to stack. This past weekend vandals once again knocked down other people's work. We understand that this is an ephemeral art and it's the doing, not the keeping that's the point. But, still... On Monday, the community was repairing and stacking, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE ROLL.

This is one work that was destroyed after the first festival, that Marcus Hammons and I maintain at the park. Whoever built it the first time may be happy to find it's still there.

Update; a little further along