Sunday, December 25, 2016

365 Project #368 Christmas At Fuel

Today was the second Annual Christmas Day Open House at Fuel. James Smullins' inspired idea to open the place on Christmas Day to friends, travelers and extended family was once again a soul-satisfying experience. 

We had the pleasure of meeting and playing with our up-to-now-online friend Gloria Brayshaw, a wonderful upright bass player, guitarist and singer from Austin, TX. The fabulous cooks of the extended family of Tommi Burney brought their family Christmas celebration to Fuel. They cooked and served home made Tamales, beans, rice, salad w/cheeses & dressings and lots of desserts. Many friends of Fuel stopped in to eat and/or bring dishes, too.

The afternoon was filled with music, friends, fun, games and friendship. It's a solid tradition already, one that will last. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my Friends.