Tuesday, December 20, 2016

365 Project #367 All The News

Inspired by the recent dramatic elections accompanied by a blizzard of fake news (a term that has some ironic implications), I realized I don't read news much anymore. In a search to discover the more reliable sources, I came across THIS graphic and THIS article with a chart that pretty much sum up the current wisdom. 

I decided to use Google News, a news aggregator that lets you specify what kind of news you want to get and the sources you'd like to access. In the Personalize section there are many news sources and subjects you can choose, click on the plus signs and 'advanced' to add subjects and sources, then when you're done click the Personalize button to get the settings out of the way. Here's a basic outline on how to use it.  Update 6/29/17- I despise the new Google News. They assume I cannot read more than one thing at a time, or are just catering to the smartphone crowd. The simplified interface is ridiculous and I've switched to Feedly.