Monday, July 27, 2015

365 Project #158 Buying Bath Towels

First, let's just get one thing straight; I hate to shop. To repeat, I hate to shop, don't make meeeee...

We've really needed bath towels, ours are so worn out it's embarrassing, so here we go. I researched how to shop for a decent towel to get some pointers and then read some more on sources and decided to shop ebay, my old friend for saving money and time.

I knew what I wanted, good quality hand and bath towels, but we have a specific weight that we like for a washcloth. Big fluffy washcloths won't do, you can't get them in your ears and if they don't have any scrubbing power, they don't exfoliate your face. I'll shop around for washcloths by feel. You need to trust me, the $ store washcloths are so thin, they're almost disposable.

I bought these towels from this ebay store which is US-based and has free shipping. Now we wait a little bit and for an hour of research I've saved hours of shopping/aggravation.