Sunday, July 26, 2015

365 Project #157 Artist's Acrylics

I had such a great time painting the Baritone Ukulele that I thought I might like to do it again. A problem with starting a 'new' hobby is the investment, so I did my homework and came up with a cost I could live with.

I did some research on the 'best' acrylics for a starter set and decided on the Golden 6-color starter set. Golden has one of the highest pigment levels in the Professional category, with no filler and so you save lots of money over the long haul. Don't even consider Student or Beginner paint quality, it's an extreme disappointment. I can always thin the Heavy Body colors down for better flow, but if I get the fluid colors you can't 'bulk them up' for texture.

Shopping on ebay, I found a set with a great price but it's an auction so I might not win it. If I don't I'll go to the next higher Buy Now offer. If I get it I'll invest in a jar of Golden medium, which has a provides more texture options than water.  I also got a couple of mixing knives and a set of cheap brushes (which I'll probably regret), but it's a start. As tempting as it was to buy a lower quality paint and get more colors, it only takes a couple of times adding additional layers for opacity to regret going cheap.

Special bonus! The Golden web site has a jam-packed page of video tutorials.