Saturday, July 25, 2015

365 Project #156 Vintage Soprano Ukulele

Don found this Sears Supertone soprano ukulele at one of our local resale shops. Based on research on the web it was made by Harmony sometime between 1920 and 1939. We can tell that because the headstock changed in the '40s. It has some problems that are fixable but he was impressed by the rich tone for the size.

It's very well made and will be a great-sounding uke once it's restored. The interior braces are loose and will need regluing. We hate compression tuners so he'll install machine tuners. The bridge is broken and has been half-fixed to hold the strings in, so he'll probably remove the bridge and fabricate a tailpiece. The neck-body join probably needs regluing, there's a minute space showing. 

After this extensive work, I'll probably paint it, it's been played hard and shows it. It's been loved and used, and we can hear why. There's nothing much to be lost destroying the finish, much of it is gone, but I sure like that rope inlay. Stay tuned, Babies!