Wednesday, July 15, 2015

365 Project #143 Shooting Practice

We decided that since it's been quite a long time since we handled weapons, we would go out and practice shooting. There a nice indoor pistol range nearby, Midway Guns and Ammo, so we invited out friend John and his son to meet us there. Don got a kick out of my 'outshooting' him, and John's son did better than he did, too.

For those who have thought about it but haven't done it, here's the procedure for shooting at a range. This place has a full gun store and you can rent a pistol if you don't have one and buy ammunition. You fill out your personal information and sign a waiver (so they're not held responsible if you hurt yourself or anyone else). Soundproof earmuffs and shooting glasses are provided if you don't wear glasses. You purchase paper targets of your choice which are clipped on the target board and there's an automated mechanism which moves forward and back at the touch of a button. When you're done you go and check out. Range time at Midway is $15 per hour and you can share a lane. It's a unique experience and a great way to learn not to be afraid of shooting if you haven't done it before.