Monday, March 23, 2015

365 Project #81 Keeping Track

So, I get this in the mail and it's obviously a scam OR someone stole my license plate or something, because both Don and I are fairly big-city-driving phobic and I haven't driven in Austin in almost 3 years.

  Add to that the complication that the van is at the mechanic's and we can't check the plate number, and Don asked, "Who writes down their plate numbers?"  Small self-satisfied smile in 3...2...1...

Awhile back I realized I had none of our vehicles' important info in one place so I made a little spreadsheet.  I haven't kept up with repairs or purchases but the basic facts are there and uploaded to Google Drive so I can get them when I need them.  Yep, the band van's license was correct.

AND I keep a pretty accurate Google Calendar so I was able to go there and find out that, why yes, he had a gig in Lockhart, TX on January 31, which required we drive the outskirts of Austin.  In our usual pattern we got a little lost and must have driven a toll road unawares.  

Guilty as charged; the check's in the mail.  Perhaps I was a Boy Scout in a former life.