Tuesday, January 13, 2015

365 Project #15 Perfect Bacon

We have given up a lot of foods because of sensitivities and health reasons.  Lately we decided to cut out most foods containing nitrates and nitrites because of some health risks associated with the consumption of processed meats.

We are not, however, fanatics and still eat a little ham and, of course, bacon.  Because it's bacon.  Try this once and you'll never go back.   

1. Line a pan/pans with foil.
2. Lay out bacon in one layer.
3. Put in a COLD oven and set to 400F
4. Wait 17-25 minutes (we like hard and crunchy)
5. Drain
6. Eat

Seriously, that's it.  Here's the documentation, if you need it; Baking Bacon