Monday, January 12, 2015

365 Project #14 Other People's Stuff

Most of my friends and clients collect something or many things, be it paintings, memorabilia, glassware, needlework, figurines, etc..  As the years have gone by I've developed an aversion to collecting 'things'.  Too many things, and an abundance of color, pattern and movement make me crazy and unable to concentrate, or even think at all in some cases.  I love order, quiet and simplicity. 

On the other hand, I LOVE cleaning other people's homes for several reasons.  I love helping them restore their homes to order so they can be happy.  I love to work hard and have people pay me for working out.  I love cleaning their homes so they can enjoy the things they collect without having to worry about cleaning them.

I get to enjoy the beautiful things they collect , and then I get to go home.  The best of all worlds.