Wednesday, January 14, 2015

365 Project #16 Other People's Pets

About 14 years ago I found from some allergy tests that I am very allergic to dogs, cats and birds.  Well, I still had one dog and since there was no choice in the matter, she lived out the rest of her life (7 more years) while I dealt with the symptoms.  Don knows from his symptoms that he's pretty allergic too so we have not acquired any pets since CeeCee went to Deer Leg Heaven.

We dearly love animals and can tolerate them on a limited basis so I enjoy the pets that all my clients have.  We're diligent about visiting our friends with pets and are especially attentive to those who inform us they have PUPPIES.  Then we carefully wash our hands and go home. 

The upside to this affliction is that anytime we want to, we can get in the car and GO SOMEWHERE without worrying about the animals.  It's a new chapter in our lives and most of the time, not such a bad thing.

My extended family, Bandit and Peaches Edeburn