Thursday, January 8, 2015

365 Project #10 Uke Club Is Thriving

In late May I wrote about starting a Ukulele Club in the Highland Lakes area, and sure enough, with a little (ha) work, tenacity and a lot of support and help from Don I seem to have pulled it off.  We are the Highland Lakes Ukulele Club and we are 10 strong!  At first we had meetings once a month, but the members wanted 2 so we do that now.  We have been performing regularly at Assisted Living Facilities and having a great time doing it.  The residents always have a wonderful time, it's the music they grew up with and love.

Yesterday we appeared at Gateway Villa in Marble Falls, TX.  Afterward some of us went across the street to have a lovely lunch at Russo's Restaurant.  I LOVE hanging out with these people, they're smart, humorous, and very, very nice.  

So, if you'd like to do something, start something, build something, do it-you'll be glad you did.