Wednesday, January 7, 2015

365 Project #9 Shopping Vintage Men's Clothing

As you've read in the previous post, we have a retro band and I've been outfitting Don since he has no interest in clothing beyond not being naked.  Bob has some dressier clothing that will suit, so he doesn't have to buy much.   I've been having fun getting the most bang for the buck on ebay.  To start I got Don a hat for $15, a bowtie for $3, a vest for $15, he got a nice pair of dress shoes on ebay for $20 and I got him two pairs of dress pants at the thrift store for $2 each.  Since then, I've bought him more, but it was pretty economical getting started.

Thank goodness a vest will convey the suggestion of Retro and will span the decades of the 20th Century.  And really, don't guys look great in hats?

I highly recommend an ebay store called Monkeysuits, an outlet for a formal wear rental company. They have lots of high-quality, name-brand used formal wear for dirt cheap, reasonably-priced new items and great customer service.  I wrote with a question and they were fast, friendly and helpful.  So far I've bought several vests from them.