Saturday, January 6, 2018

Collecting Leaves

I love leaves as a mulch and decomposed leaves (leaf mold) as a soil amendment. Unfortunately I have only one oak tree on my property and the flowerbed under it gets all its leaves. 

I wanted to collect leaves from my friends, but was dreading raking and finding some way to haul and mulch them to get them started decomposing. Then I found out about leaf blower/mulching vacuums. I ordered this model and this accessory that allows you to deposit  the chopped leaves right into a container. The product works as promised.

My friend Paula messaged me this morning and asked if I still wanted leaves, she was getting ready to mow hers. I said, why yes, yes I do. We put the new toy together and cleaned up her yard. Went home with three huge bags of chopped oak leaves.

This guy made a collector system way cheaper than the store-bought attachment. Gotta give credit to the handy-people!