Monday, April 11, 2016

365 Project #309 AARP Tax-Aide

I was stressing about sitting down and doing our taxes this year, as usual, but a couple of friends suggested I go get it done with AARP's Free Tax Preparation service, Tax-Aide. What a relief! I had a good idea of the documents I'd need from last year's filing so I had everything I needed with me. The documents you will need are listed on the site.

Here is a document showing what they can and cannot do for you. Find a local Tax-Aide location here.  

The program consists of volunteers who ask you specific questions and enter your information into IRS software. The return is checked by a coordinator and the return is e-filed. I elected to send a check on my own so with the return I was issued a voucher to send with my payment. It was fast, easy and free!