Thursday, December 17, 2015

365 Project #254 Retail Me Not

I'm a pretty discriminating shopper, I only get what I need (with the obvious exception of food) and comparison shop like crazy. I have a big problem with 'pulling the trigger', clicking that Buy button or taking out my money, but that's another story...

Our cellphone provider, Tracfone, sent Don an upgrade deal for a smartphone. We're going to get one anyway so we decided on a reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Stardust for $50, some phone and data minutes and service time. First, though, just before I clicked Buy Now, I checked with the coupon-code site RetailMeNot. With this promo code I saved $20.

Yesterday I bought some glass paint at a really good price from Utrecht and got a coupon for free shipping which amounted to about $10. Last night I designed and ordered business cards from Vista Print and got a $5 coupon from RetailMeNot.

If you use their coupons, be sure to tell them if the coupon worked and how much you saved. It creates a 'success rate' that helps others decide whether to get the code.

I really like RetailMeNot