Tuesday, November 10, 2015

365 Project #229 Taking Up a New Instrument

When Don and I first got together, he tried to teach me how to play bass. Turns out that is very common among guitar players, they get tired of searching for a bass player and want to have one right at home. It rarely works, and it certainly didn't for me. I had no training or experience in music, but in 11 years I've picked up a little knowledge and a lot of confidence. 

During our Bass Adventure the other day, when I picked up the Lady Luck bass I sure liked it because it was much lighter in weight than all the others I'd seen. They are HEAVY, y'all. We may buy another Lady Luck in the future, but for now we have this Memphis Short Scale bass. It's much lighter than most and has a shorter neck.

Don bought this bass about 30 years ago from the Sam Ash Music Catalog. It was listed for $40 with a broken headstock and Don repaired it. He was hoping his daughter would be interested in playing, but she turned out to be a drummer, and a good one.  It went on to become a favorite of bass players that worked in a trio with Don in the '90s and he played it, too.

I watched a few YouTube videos and am 24 hours into my new instrument. I think I like it, rather a lot.