Monday, October 26, 2015

365 Project #223 What Goes Around

Sometimes what goes around comes around.

Over 20 years ago, from his music shop in Burnet, TX, Don sold his friend and our bass player Pat Gibbons a beautiful red Lady Luck 5 String Bass. Don knows that there were only were 2 sold in this region and one was destroyed in a fire. Pat loved it and played it for years until he found one he liked a bit better and plays now. 

Pat loaned the bass to a friend of his, and to his surprise when he asked for it back, was told it was in Houston, or somewhere (?). He figured he'd lost it for good.

Today we were on a shopping trip to get Don a flu shot and pick up some odds and ends. We decided to stop at a pawn shop in Marble Falls. Guess what, there was this pretty red Lady Luck bass in the music section. We called Pat on my cell phone and asked him if he wanted us to buy it and he said "Yes!".

The pawn shop manager seemed just a little nervous because we could have gotten ugly about it, but we just laughed and bought the bass and they gave us a little discount. Everybody Happy, say Amen! 

Update; Sunday November 8, Pat playing his red Lady Luck at Pat's Bar Open Mic!