Friday, October 23, 2015

365 Project #222 Flu Shot

Well, I got my flu shot today. I have a long history with the flu. Perhaps you know someone who catches a cold, rests for a few days and feels better. I am not that person. I catch 3-4 flus a year and they knock me out bigtime. Usually I have high fevers for nearly a week, intractable coughing and I have broken ribs coughing. I always get secondary infections that last for at least a month and require antibiotics to clear up.

Last year I tried a flu shot and got 3 mild colds, a lifetime first for me, and that was the end of it. Turns out the strains of last year's vaccine weren't very effective, but I think they boosted my immunity. I got my flu shot today and am feeling achy and have chills, but I have a feeling this is a small price to pay. We'll see. I only do what works.