Monday, September 7, 2015

365 Project #184 Smart Phone?

Well, it seems I'm going to need a smartphone eventually. I'm going to attend the LEAF (Llano Earth Art Fest) as a vendor and I'm going to have to have a way to let people buy via mobile technology. It's OK, I've had my flip phone for a long, LONG time and gotten the goody out of it.

I've decided on Paypal Here as my credit card reader (no setup or monthly fees, free card reader), as it has a few advantages over the others, including taking direct Paypal payments from customers. They also have good website solutions

For years I've used a Tracfone flip-phone and I really appreciate the no-contract, prepaid way of using a phone, as I use it very little. Now Tracfone has the same deal with smartphones, you can prepay minutes and service time for actual calls and transactions, and use free wifi when it's available. 

I've decided which phone I probably want, the LG Ultimate 2 Android 4.4 (Tracfone-only compatible) but cannot find out from either Tracfone or Paypal if it's totally compatible with the Paypal Here card reader. Paypal says they haven't tested it. Tracfone 'support' doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about, neither of the young gentlemen I talked to knows what a card reader is and they wouldn't pass me on to a supervisor.  It should work, all the specs look right, but I want a guarantee before I buy. I'm a belt-and-suspenders kinda gal.

Anyone with suggestions, ping me.