Tuesday, July 21, 2015

365 Project #149 Need For Speed

Don't do it, boys and girls, seriously, don't do it. I was driving to work today on 2241 and a guy in a red truck came speeding up behind me and passed me in a no-passing zone right before a hill and continued on his merry way. He could have killed himself and others. I didn't hear anything horrible, so I assumed it worked out, this time. I wished him well and safe to his destination, hoping it was worth it.

When I topped the hill, I saw a Texas State Trooper pulling him over. It was an expensive day for him, hopefully. Perhaps the expense and Driver Education will slow him down and encourage him to care about the rest of us who share the road. It could happen.

We don't have many State Troopers out here in the boonies, glad this one was there.