Tuesday, July 21, 2015

365 Project #148 Fear of Journaling

I'm tackling my fears one by one these days, and boy, what an adventure. I have an intense fear of keeping a journal from a childhood incident. I kept a diary as a young teenager and when I was 13, my first tentative and bashful boyfriend, Joel, kissed me.

My sister found my diary, picked the lock, read it and told the entire neighborhood. Joel and I were so mortified we never could speak to each other again without a lot of tension, so the relationship went nowhere. Don thinks she was 'evil'. I don't know, she was 9, so I'll give her a pass on that one.  

I vowed never, ever again would I put my true feelings on paper (or now, electronic media). Someone might know me, someone might 'see' me, someone might...hurt me.

The articles and posts I've read recently about keeping a journal have helped tremendously. They all stress that writing what you think and feel can help to rewrite your self-talk, lead to self-discovery and encourage positive thinking. I'm up for that.