Tuesday, July 14, 2015

365 Project #141 Silicone Wedding Bands

I saw this video of Jimmy Fallon relating the story of his accident and subsequent 'vacation' from the Tonight Show. He describes tripping on a rug in his kitchen and catching his wedding ring on the counter, causing 'ring avulsion', basically tearing his finger off. He said, "Apparently the odds aren't great with these things. This happens a lot and the odds are not — usually they're just gonna cut your finger off."

After ignoring his advice and Googling it, I developed a sudden interest in flexible, stretchy wedding rings. There are just a few companies out there making silicone wedding bands and I found a nice one called Simple Ring Works. There are some good online tools to find your ring size, at Find My Ringsize and Ring Size Finder at Bling Jewelry. Both methods came up with the same sizes so I felt confident ordering online.

We do a lot of work with our hands and I feel a little safer now. The rings are designed to break at 40lbs. pressure, with a little added bonus. If you break a ring and it saves you from injury, write them a little note about it and you'll get a free replacement.