Tuesday, May 5, 2015

365 Project #111 My Ungulate Neighbors

These lovely neighbors of mine are the Texas Longhorn "Buck" and his two friends.  I forgot to ask the mare's name but she and her foal graze the same pasture with him.  I saw them and it was such a pretty sight I had to grab my camera and jump out of the car to take a photo.

I hadn't met their owner, Vernon, before and we had a nice chat.  Buck was hand-raised by his daughter and is a gentle, intelligent pet (with horns, no I didn't forget).  They all three came over to get their heads scratched and moved on to eat.  When the foal was born, Vernon was warned to get her and mama out of the pasture, they'd be terrorized or worse.  Nope, not by a longshot.  Buck is pretty sure she's 'his' baby and licks and protects her.  When I moved quickly and the foal shied, Buck gave me a cool, calculating look.  I apologized.