Friday, May 1, 2015

365 Project #110 Bridging The Digital Divide

Since 2006 Don has been fixing computers and often his clients have old hardware they want to get rid of.  He's been accepting and buying old hardware, installing Linux OS, building systems and giving them away to people who can't otherwise afford them. If they need help getting started or maintaining the system, we're both available at any time for support and repairs.  We feel that helping to bridge the Digital Divide is a service to individuals and our global community.  We think he may have given away about 40 systems.

Here's our friend Izzy, the recipient of a computer, showing her friend how to navigate around Evernote, that I just introduced to her 10 minutes ago.  She's a whiz.  She's really excited, she's got a lot of school projects in mind that internet access will help her with.