Wednesday, April 1, 2015

365 Project #91 At LAST!

Our friend and fellow Ukulele Club member Kathleen said in a FB post, "you should come out to the LAST afterparty, I hear John's bringing his mandolin and maybe some other musicians will be there, too."  So I checked with Cheryl, the lady in charge of all the things and she said to come on out.  We checked with Bob to see if he'd like to play, et voilĂ !, we packed up a minimal setup and were on our way.  The Llano Art Studio Tour is a tour of local area artists' home studios, held on the LAST Saturday in March.

Thanks to the folks who made us feel so welcome and fed us lots of yummy goodies.  We got to hang out afterward with John Caballero and do some bluegrassy thingies, while my new friend Carol and I played spoons.  Last time I leave the house without my washboard...

Photos published with permission from Erin Green, Llano County Journal

Play It Again-Bob Hayworth, Lisa Miller, Don Crowder

John Caballero