Tuesday, March 31, 2015

365 Project #90 Playing With Rocks

I stopped by Leonard Grenwelge County Park in Llano on my way home from work and was playing with rocks.  A guy and his son asked me what I was doing and what the stacks were about so I told him the story of the LEAF and that the 2016 Festival was already scheduled.  He said he'd be sure to come, he's a geologist out of Austin and had brought his teenage son out to Llano as he'd been on many field trips in the area.  Just like so many of us, he loves him some rocks.  I also met a friend and his niece out there and they had made a couple stacks.  Funny how this thing is catching on. 

I have a fussy back, so I'm not allowed to handle rocks too much, but I can stack horizontally.  This was someone's pattern that had been 'disturbed'.  I couldn't make out the pattern to restore it, so I made a new one.  Y'all are welcome to go out and pretty it up.  If someone was moved to make a nice stack in the center, I sure would appreciate it (hint, hint, Marcus).

I saw this at the LEAF and really enjoyed it, so I got it nearly restored as well as I could remember it.