Saturday, April 25, 2015

365 Project #107 Hangin' Out With Old Friends

Google has a free videoconferencing feature called Hangouts.  You can get together with anyone in the world if you have a webcam, headphones and a halfway decent connection speed.  I meet this lovely young songwriter back in the early days of Hangouts and she has used the platform to good advantage, taking her singing and songwriting career from dive bars in Connecticut to American, European and Middle Eastern tours.

Here we are at an 'old friends' concert this afternoon, visiting and having a lovely time. Daria is in Connecticut, I'm in Texas, a couple of people shown are in the UK, one from Finland, and other places, too.  There's a 'room' limit of 10 people at a time. Later, as people 'rotated' out and let others in, a good part of the world was represented.  Yep, just hangin' with friends.  It's a lot of fun!

Then we loaded up and headed out to play music for a benefit.  Big day.