Thursday, January 1, 2015

365 Project #3 Happy New Year

The first day of the New Year begins auspiciously.  We stayed up too late and got up at noon, messed around on our respective social media sites, got some web tasks done and cooked a nice breakfast.

This is some Fried Rice with ham that Don made a couple of days ago, two eggs over-easy with the yolks broken and home-made salsa on top.  The salsa is a Christmas gift from our good friend Ruby Ross who makes it up every year for gifts and to sell to regular customers.  She is an award-winning Chili Cook who has placed in the Terlingua International Chili Championship so we are honored (and delighted) to be counted as a GOOD FRIEND.

We met Ruby when Don was providing in-home care for her husband and she has become a member of our extended family.  I built and maintain the website for Howdy-Roo, the Event held by the Highland Lakes Pod of CASI, the Chili Appreciation Society International (a charitable organization).  In fact we're going to judge chili this coming Saturday.  It's a great afternoon meeting lots of friends, new and old.  You get to eat some of the best chili in the world and receive their gratitude for your efforts.  WIN.