Friday, January 23, 2015

365 Project #25 Don't Fear The Mask

About 5 years ago Don was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and through the VA got a CPAP machine.  He was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea but anyone who has it or sleeps with someone who has it knows that stopping breathing many times each night has to be a bad thing.

He put it on the first night and it made such a huge change in the way he felt immediately, non-compliance was never an issue.  He won't even attempt to take a nap without it.  Why would he, when he can't get restful sleep?

It may even be a lifesaver, he has none of the complications associated with sleep apnea so far.  And did I mention that part about sleep deprivation being a major factor in auto accidents?  Sleep apnea sufferers take little involuntary naps almost all day long, even while driving.  For your sleeping partner, there is simply no downside, the machine is quieter than a whisper and on the off-chance you can actually hear it, it's a very soothing white noise.

The data on his machine shows he gets a solid 6-7 hours of sleep every night, which appears to be all he needs.  He's alert, rested and comfortable the rest of the day, and his immune system is amazing.

So don't fear the mask, it's a good thing.