Friday, July 18, 2014

Play It Again's First Gig!

We've been crazy-busy so I haven't been posting lately but we had a lovely first gig for our band Play It Again .  We sing '20th Century Classics' and have a great time doing it, as well as having a wonderful friendship with Becky and Greg Pound.  You just can't have a better time playing music with people you love and respect.

The gig was at the Flat Creek Enoteca in Marble Falls.  Our friends Ely and Ruben, Jay and Leslie and Lee and Barbara came to listen and offer support, it really helped a lot.  Before showtime, there was a Wine Class and just about everyone stayed to listen and have fun.  What a morale-booster!

After this gig we packed up and in an hour, did another 4-hour gig at Pat's Bar in Buchanan Dam.  It was an incredible day and one we won't soon forget.  We had a reporter from the Highland Lakes Weekly cover the gig and are hoping to see the pictures soon.