Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anniversary Party with Asleep At The Wheel!

What a great evening!   We had a few friends in to our Anniversary Party at our very favorite restaurant, China Wok in Llano, TX.  Susan Drymala (all the way from Ingram), Don and Sherry Simpson, Barbara Greer and Curtis Methvin.  We took home a lot of leftovers, which is not a problem, we know what to do with them.

We went on to see Justin and Don Simpson at Fuel Coffeehouse in Llano Here's a video, then on to see Asleep At the Wheel at the Llano Crawfish Open.  I didn't want to compromise the experience with trying to maneuver a camera, and it turned out my instincts were right.  There were hundreds of fans in a real fluid setup, a pavilion where people were free to move around pretty much as they pleased so here's one of the great songs they did.  Right in front of the stage they moved a bunch of tables and let people dance.  At times there were nearly a hundred people on the dance floor.  Yeah, it was Amazing.

On the way home we stopped in to Pat's Bar in Buchanan Dam to say hello to Two-Timin' Country and wish Happy Birthday to Jody Proctor and Rocky Dodson.  Then home to wind down and get the leftover food in the fridge and freezer.