Saturday, September 10, 2016

365 Project #347 Inkscape

Lately I've been frustrated that sometimes I need a good vector graphics editor and I'm pretty deficient in that category. Today I worked the Llano Fine Art Guild and Gallery and had the time to 'do my homework'. I downloaded a simple introductory User Guide and Inkscape to a laptop and worked on navigating my way around the tools.

Inkscape is the free, open-source equivalent of Adobe Illustrator. There are those who would say it's not quite as good but there are many professionals who use it for their everyday work. Here are the current prices for the license, keeping in mind you do not own it. I think I know what to do with $700 per year lying around the house, that is if I HAD...well, never mind.

I'll try to do a little every day to build my skills and cement them in. One more thing :-)