Wednesday, August 31, 2016

365 Project #342 Our C.H.I.P. Computer

Don got in on the Kickstarter for a cute little computer that cost $9. You can still get it for $9, but you'll probably spend a little more for some necessary accessories. He got the case (in Store) and the VGA adapter. Then he couldn't get the darn thing to work so he consulted our nerdy friend Stevie. Turns out he should've gotten the USB wall charger because you need a charger that produces at least 2 amps. All the USB chargers we have around the house were only good for about an amp. When we discovered that, he went and bought a 4 amp powered USB hub.

Today Stevie came over, we hooked it up and it worked just fine. We've decided this is probably the Ukulele Club computer, but we'll have to test it with the projector we use for meetings. Stay tuned, sports fans.