Saturday, July 9, 2016

365 Project #327 Dressing For The Heat

Yesterday we played a gig outdoors and the temperature was I-Can't-Even-Think-About-That-Right-Now. Fortunately I remembered I had a nice, cool, sleeveless dress and pulled it out from the back of the closet. Boy, was I happy!

I've been promising myself to shop for dresses each summer but the prospect of shopping is so hideous I just can't do it. Today I got on ebay and shopped for new and gently-used dresses that I may even be able to work in. I love ebay, I got 8 dresses in a style I really like, mostly name brands, for $91.47. Now, that's my style of shopping! If there's anything about them I don't care for, I can sew.

And one more, I couldn't resist;