Sunday, May 15, 2016

365 Project #319 Meeting An Old Friend

Don and I met Ken Starks online about 4 years ago on Google+. He had a project, The Helios Project, which was dedicated to getting computers into the hands of people, especially children, who needed them. We were inspired, especially since Don's 'hobby' is doing the same thing, although on a smaller scale. So far Ken has given away about 1600 computers, and changed lives in the process.

He has had some serious ups and downs, but he always returns with renewed vigor and determination to close the Digital Divide. We have followed his efforts and done some fundraising when things appear to be getting a little tight. I'll take this opportunity to ask that you read a bit about Reglue, the new name for the project, and consider donating older but usable computers or parts, money or shopping on Amazon for their wishlist items. Just so ya know, most of the items on the wish list are for special-needs children, the compressor replaces the one whacked by the flood, and the alarm is to deter burglars, who have wiped them out, twice. Donations can be made via Paypal-  

Today we finally got the opportunity (where need met availability) to go see Ken in Taylor, TX. We met his lovely partner Diane, his sweet furry son Astro and went out to lunch. Then off to his Batcave, um, the Reglue facility and talked shop. He donated some older LCD monitors to our efforts.

All in all, a wonderful adventure! I love The Don And Lisa Show!