Thursday, March 24, 2016

365 Project #302 Uke Club Is Growing!

This evening at Highland Lakes Ukulele Club, we had the best crowd yet, 13 people! OK, one was a nice lady who was attracted by the enthusiastic singing and playing and came in to sing with us, but still, it was 13.

I've recently revamped the songbook and added a Baritone Book to our Songbooks. Standard ukuleles come in 3 basic sizes, small to large, Soprano, Concert and Tenor, which have a GCEA tuning. Then there is the largest, the Baritone, which has a DGBE tuning, just like a tenor guitar or the first four strings of a 6-string guitar.  The baritone guitar can play all the same chords as the others, but the chord pattern is going to be quite different from standard ukes.

Don has a left-handed Baritone Uke on order, he's very excited about it. 

Happy Strumming, y'all.

Sally, Virginia, Amber, Liz, Louis, Luis,
Cherie, Guest, Kathy, Pat, Sam, Lisa, Don