Monday, March 14, 2016

365 Project #300 Clean And Pristine

Last year at the first Llano Earth Art Fest, everyone involved in the planning and execution were determined that the festival was going to be about the Earth first. When it was over, Grenwelge Park was as clean and beautiful as it was the week before. Attendees, volunteers, everyone helped and, unlike other events and festivals, no paid cleanup crews were necessary. 

Today Don and I went to break down our booth. We tidied up behind ourselves, as had everyone else, and we picked up a very few tiny scraps of trash. I made a tour of the park with a trash bag in hand, to scoop up any stray bits. A couple of couples were enjoying the park and asked if I was collecting trash and handed me a plastic bottle. I told them that all the cleanup work was done by volunteers and one guy asked me, "Why would you do that?". I replied, "Because we live here". They liked that.