Saturday, March 5, 2016

365 Project #293 Community Theater

I've overheard my friend Jay Polanco rehearsing his lines at Fuel Coffeehouse in Llano. The lines he was memorizing sounded interesting so I thought we'd attend the current play by the Llano Community Theater, Paul Rusconi's "These Two Couples Went To Italy". 

I haven't been to a play in about 35 years, I was pretty sure I wasn't a 'Play Person". Turns out I was wrong, I really enjoyed the performance and the play itself. Don was involved in theater as a student and really enjoyed it. We'll surely be back for more!

Mike Hazel, Summer Vaught, Jay Polanco
Cheryl Crabtree, Dean Zachary

Photo courtesy John Hallowell

These Two Couples Went To Italy
by Paul Rusconi


Marie.....Summer Vaught
Tom..... Jay Polanco
Janet.....Cheryl Crabtree
Carl.....Dean Zachary
Italian Man.....Mike Hazel


Director.....Rickie Newell
Stage Manager.....Sarah McDaniel

Set Crew.....Marcus Hammons

Lights/Sound.....Erin Green/Sarah McDaniel
House Manager..... Robert and Diane Thompson

House Crew

Diane and Robert Thompson, Danielle Carmichael,
Valerie Smasal-Hammons, Sandra Slocumb,
Dakota Flannery, Kari Miller, Laurie Jameson,
 Chris Slade, Ovetra Hartman, Cindy Smathers