Friday, January 1, 2016

365 Project #265 My Online Store

I thought I needed an online store to sell some of my handmade items. My first requirement was an integrated system that was relatively easy to use. I wanted a business solution that would allow people to purchase with Paypal or any major credit card.

Ecwid is a Paypal partner which offers a free, somewhat limited option with scalable upgrades. I know in the past online storefronts have been expensive and I think their prices are very competitive. I've been geeking out a bit, learning how to use online payment methods and have made a test purchase which worked flawlessly. Ecwid also works with many other payment solutions, but I prefer Paypal after looking into the features of their Business account. More on that later...

It's a pretty simple process, when you create a store in Ecwid, they generate a bit of code which you drop into any website and bam! there's your store. It looks really good and there are a ton of options if you're willing to do a little homework. There's also an easy way to add a Store tab to your Facebook Business Page