Wednesday, December 16, 2015

365 Project #252 Smudge Sticks

I got these cool smudge sticks at a Llano Art Guild Christmas party and I really like them.

Smudging is an ancient North American aboriginal ceremony. It involves lighting certain herbs, usually sage, and using them in a ritual for purification purposes. Traditionally, it's been used to correct the 'negative energy' in a place, object or person. Since the development of modern scientific techniques, it has been found to be surprisingly effective in reducing harmful microbes in a space

When I moved to our new place a friend of mine said our property had some pretty bad negative energies; would I like her to smudge the place for us? What she didn't know was that the couple who had lived here had been extremely unhappy and one of them had been the local animal control officer. She had an odd proclivity for shooting dogs who frightened her. Her subsequent problems hardly bear repeating, but it was bad. I agreed it certainly couldn't hurt so she did it. All I can say is we've been very happy here. Anecdotal stuff, I know.

What I do know is these smudge sticks are very decorative and smell great sitting on my desk.