Sunday, November 29, 2015

365 Project #238 Flip Phone

Yes, I do. I still have a flip phone and don't want a smart phone for several reasons. We need a landline because one of our few internet choices out here in the boonies is DSL. An additional charge for a smartphone just doesn't make sense at this point. We enjoy full-size laptops much more because of our aging eyesight ;-) 

One major reason is because I value the time I am not available to be reached by anyone. I turn off the phone when I go to bed and back on when I get up because I'm physically unable to ignore the phone when it rings. We leave the answering machine on but the volume is turned down so we'll get our messages when we get up. When I go to work I only turn the flip phone on if I make or am expecting a call.

Don won't carry a phone on his person. For most of his 25-year career in Land Mobile Communications he was on call 24/7. 'Nuff said.

I may get a smartphone some time in the future but I won't like it.