Sunday, October 4, 2015

365 Project #207 Picture Frame Mats

So, did you ever notice that in any new endeavor, you need more toys? And that your toys need toys? Yeah.

In order to exhibit at The Llano Fine Arts Guild and Gallery, I'm going to have to frame my paintings. Uh, oh. Did I mention I'd like to make this a self-sustaining hobby? OK, here we go. Wish me luck, The Adventure Continues.

I'd like to mat and frame my pictures myself, saving lots of money and acquiring new nerdy skills, so I researched picture frame mat cutting by hand and found THIS COOL GUY who explains how to do it without spending a lot. His site,, is amazingly helpful, check it out.

I did some shopping on ebay and found full-sheet matboard for what I thought was a pretty good price. There was a little problem, though, the seller had only one sale so far, so it looked like it might be a risky proposition. 

BDMatboard, the seller, has a website and it looks like they have a good business and reliable service. They're located in Arizona so I thought I'd see if their direct price was as good or better (with shipping) than ebay. It was! I spent $12 less than the ebay price and the mats are on their way.

Now, on to a mat cutter. I like this Dexter Mat Cutter because it makes both straight and bevel cuts and cost $9.99 used on ebay. Before buying I made sure replacement blades were inexpensive and easy to find.