Thursday, September 10, 2015

365 Project #187 Furiously Happy

We've only met her once, but as readers of Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess's writing, we think of her as a friend. Her claim to fame is to be reasonably functional, brilliant and happy despite, well...being broken. So many of us have personal challenges and somehow make it through every day, sometimes becoming Furiously Happy (the name of her second book) in the process.

The cover of her new book features Rory, a taxidermied road-kill raccoon that's pretty bizarre, but she loves him so we do, too. People started taking pictures of him all over the world and now Rory has been to some pretty amazing places, many of which Jenny will never see because of reasons (see links above).

Don and I, since we found each other, are Furiously Happy and wanted to take Rory to Fuel Coffeehouse in Llano and take his picture there to share with Jenny and her considerable audience.

So, are you doing your best to be Furiously Happy? Hurry up, now, it's not like you've got forever.