Sunday, August 9, 2015

365 Project #165 Phil Ajjerapu

In Don's rather convoluted quest for a bass player for Saturday night, he was introduced to Phil Ajjerapu, a multi-instrumental artist and singer/songwriter we played with for the first time. We're hoping it's not the last, but for now he is moving to Portland, OR to pursue a teaching gig.

Despite his protests that he knew absolutely no country music (but he could probably handle it), he proved to be amazing! During the breaks we were able to learn much more about him, including the fact that he's taught music and been a session musician for many years. He mentioned that he had nearly died in an accident and that inspired him to cut an album of his original music.

Here's an interview of Phil on Austin 360

Here's where he can be found, after hearing the featured song, I bought his album. Feel free to do the same!