Saturday, August 8, 2015

365 Project #163 "The Grove" at the Lantex Theater

We've been volunteering at the Lantex Theater to help put in a new floor and seats this week. We thought we'd treat ourselves to a movie hosted by the Lantex Film Society, "The Grove". Here's an excerpt from the newspaper article;

"The Lantex Film Society is pleased to announce its upcoming movie, "The Grove," on Friday Aug. 7, introduced by its Austin based producer Lori Najvar. The movie tells the story of a dying small town 85 miles north of Austin that was bought up by retired National Guard Lt. Colonel Moody Anderson and turned into a treasure trove of memorabilia and a living museum over the 37 years that he owned it
In April 2010, at Moody's bequest, all of these artifacts, and even the town itself, were auctioned off to the highest bidder.This is a fascinating story, nicely told, with a touching ending. Lori Najvar will attend the show, introduce the movie, and answer questions afterwards. "

It was a very well-done account of The Grove, Texas and the exceptional man who kept it going for years. To find out 'what happened?', you'll have to do your own research or see the film. No spoilers here.

The beautiful, 'new' Lantex Theater
with its presentation area/dance floor.
Come on out, y'all!