Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project 365 #93 Phlox Are Up, Too!

What a great day!  We drove to Fuel Coffeehouse in Llano to rehearse with Bob Hayworth as Play It Again.  We rehearse on Thursdays from 12pm to 3pm and have been calling it Live Lunch.  We get to rehearse onstage with a real friendly audience and they get free live music for their lunch crowd.  We did some errands, went to our favorite restaurant, China Wok and I went to the park to play with rocks while Don read at the library.  We drove home very slowly, camera at the ready.
There are bluebonnets everywhere but some of our other favorites are showing their little faces.  Here's a thick patch of Phlox Drummondii we spotted on the way into town, what a fabulous pop of color against the blue and green!