Sunday, April 19, 2015

365 Project #105 This Is Where I Live

Tonight Don and I went to the Lantex Theater screening of the movie "This Is Where We Live", which was filmed right here in Llano County.  It was a moving and eloquent film.  Seeing all the local landmarks, shops and streets made it so interesting, I've never had an experience like it before.

I got to meet some of the actors who appeared at the screening. My real target was Barry Corbin, one of my favorite actors. Somehow he had slipped out of my radar and was trying to have a quiet beer at Joe's Bar. Well, I was having none of THAT so I followed him and talked awhile and got my picture taken with him. And yes, he's as nice and laid-back as you'd guess. Thanks, Barry.

Don tried not to get too embarrassed.  Poor guy ;-)