Tuesday, March 10, 2015

365 Project #67 Gmail Class

I had an interesting visit with a new friend awhile back.  I asked her to meet with me to discuss her experience with publicity and I thought I could give her some advice about Google products that would help her with organizing her personal and professional life.  Turns out she is just like many people I know and is not aware of how much control we can have just by personalizing the Google tools we all know and love, especially email.

I decided to give a class in Gmail because it's the email service I know best, and if used well, can turn email into a pleasure rather than a tedious chore.  I've never given a class or presentation before and was feeling a little out of my depth, but since with a Google account we have a free Presentation tool, Google Slides, I was able to read up, watch a couple of videos and get started developing a presentation in about 1/2 hour's time.

If anyone in the Llano area is interested, get in touch with me or the Llano Library to sign up, registration is somewhat limited.  You can definitely get in if you have a laptop, and they have 8 computers available to work on after the short presentation.

Here's the newsletter article;