Monday, February 23, 2015

365 Project #53 Mixed Fruit

Well, this is a 365 project, and I promised to blog every day for a year.  Since I 'slacked off' I have to catch up so here we go.

Several years ago Don decided mixed dried fruit would be so much better than raisins in oatmeal and trail mix.  As most of you know, packaged trail mixes are always a disappointment because they rarely contain exactly what you like and they almost always taste stale.  Since then he's been doing a dried fruit mix and we keep the container in the fridge.  It has all the fruits you like and none you don't and because you did it yourself, it's very economical.

He mixes raisins, bags of dried pineapple, dates, cranberries, 'berry blend and apricots.  You can pick and choose what you like from the dried fruit section of the store.  Pineapple chunks and apricots need some chopping to get a uniform size and you can prevent sticking by sprinkling a little sugar on them.

You can make a great trail mix from this using your choice of nuts, the dried fruit mix and candies or chocolate chips (we use dark chocolate, yum).  For a flavor boost, salt the mix lightly and the salt will stick to the fruit.